Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Owe My Blog an Apology

I don't know what to say.
SO MUCH has happened after the course night.
I had exams, I had performance to show, I had events to handle, I had celebration with friends, I had holidays and there's a lot more that has happened in this 3 months period.

There has been ups and downs in this period of time but nevertheless, university life has been amazing! It's so fantastic, it makes me feel that what I have experience before entering university seems pretty dull and boring.

My Little Haven deserve more happy content in it.
I'll be sure to update it with what I have done and had happened in UPM from the time after my course night since exam is going to be over soon and holiday is after that.Till then, enjoy some random pictures!

Lai Guan Birthday at Chop & Steak.
Ignore the fellow on the top. He's a bit cuckoo.
He's my roommate if you want o know for sure.

Training for Traditinal Chinese Dance performance
under San Hua for Sanggar Warisan 2007 held by KTDI, UPM.

Celebration for the success of Malam Tanglung 2007 of KTDI, UPM
at Chop & Steak.

My little family in KTDI.
L-R: Wei Shan, Chi Chung, Pei Wern, Jia Choon Sitting: Shi Ting, Juan Yih

There you have it. The picture is the evidence that I'm having a great time in here. As you can see, I'm smiling whole heartily in each picture. What else more is there to say?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Human Development and IT Course Night 2007 - Part 2

A picture says a thousands words. 'Nuff said.
As requested by Kelly, here's the 2nd part of the course night.

From L-R : Eik Hooi, Tuck Hing, Chen San, Lieng San, Jack, Jia Choon,
Chin Siang, Ying Wai, Joshua, Chi Chung + Pyoro, Brandon

Yvonne and the rest of us.

A mix of PMTM seniors and juniors.

L-R : Ying Tit, Jing Jing and Lai Guan.
Middle : "The boy with a small little scar on his forehead"

L-R : Siang Ying, Kah Shing, Yoon Kuan, Ying Tit, Me Myself and I , Ying Wai.

Family picture of PMTM juniors, almost...

Front view.

Parody shot 1.

Jack + Us.

Family photo before leaving.

Last few shots before leaving.

Mah roomate and I in our room.
Getting along really well and having great time with em.

That's about it.
Of coz, there's a lot more pictures but it's crazy to upload them all.
This conclude Part 2, the finale of the course night post.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Human Development and IT Course Night 2007 - Part 1

Personally, I would say that this is the best "dinner night" I have attended. There was so much tension and stress built up before the night as I have to figure out a duo performance with my partner, Ying Tit and get the whole group of juniors to perform a 20-30 minutes long performance.

But, we had a lot of fun in the end. Best of all, the photographing session, which was being done THROUGH OUT THE NIGHT. You see, my course seniors just LOVE TO TAKE PHOTOS. That's just them. It's in their nature. To SS all the time.
(So I hope they don't read this =P)
It was enjoyable though. I see myself as a person that dislike taking photos but on that particular night, I took a lot of photos with my fellow course mates and course seniors.

There is just too much to say about that night. I'm too lazy to write now and I need a rest. Therefore, indulge yourself with the following photos. Most pictures are slightly blur because it is taken from a camera phone. Due to that, only appropriate pictures will be uploaded as of now. Better pictures will be uploaded in part 2.


My Personal Senior, Joshua

Ying Tit, my duo performance partner cum Junior Prom Queen of HD&IT Course Night 2007.
Oh, my doll was there for a performance on that night.

Jing Jing, fellow Cherasian. My Mandarin teacher cum translator.
Thanks for the help so far. =]

Ying Wai, myself and 3 new course mates that have just came in.
Siang Ying, Yoon Kuan and Kah Hsing (names not in order).

HD&IT Course Juniors of 2007.
With a few of them missing

Lil Neecole and I.

HD&IT Course Seniors and I.
I'm too tired to do anymore editing. So, we'll just leave it as if it is.

Sadly, almost all group pic taken with the camera phone are of bad quality.
So, stay tune for more pictures from digital cameras.

So, that's it for now.
Save the best for the last.
Do come again for more pictures.


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Wish (Fight to the End)

DANA, Ji Yeon, Sunday, Stephan

2004 Summer Vacation In

Friday, August 03, 2007

UPM - 5th Week

Once again, I'm back here for another quick update.
I'm just done with my group discussion for my Business English assignment and now I'm waiting for a senior to discuss about our course night,

You heard me right, course night. It'll be held later tonight and we'll be leaving much earlier. Due to some reason, I can't tell you guys much about it but what I can tell is it is held at a hotel and everyone will be in formal wear. I have to say, I'm somewhat excited. Just somewhat.

Anyway, I'm pretty much accustomed with life here but I'm still pretty busy and somewhat stressed up. The month long orientation is still on going, the most stressful activity among all. My first test will be held next weekend and there's another one the week after. There are assignments that I have to work on, some discussed while some are left untouched. I have books that I need to read and also information I need to find for my class.

There's so much to do but so little time!
I'm not complaining though, I'm just stating it here. I'm adapting with such a life and I know I must be able to do so. So, no worries.

My sisters and I have bought the book and they get to read first since I'm busy. =[


They're here. Till next time.

So much to say so little time. Oh well.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

UPM - 3rd Week

Just a quick update.
This is the 3rd week I'm here and my days are really pack with activities and classes, especially the first and 2nd week. I was so busy, I don't even have time to online!
Not only that, recently, I only manage to get to sleep for 3-5 hours daily. It's killing me but I have to cope with it. Apparently, that's the "average sleeping hour" of a university student.
And yeah, I miss my mum's cooking. =(

Don't be mistaken though. I'm pretty happy being here. As hectic as it could be, I'm learning how to get things done fast. I'm pretty happy being able to meet new friends as well as seniors. My roomate, Kevin, a 3rd year student of Industrial Chemistry is nice, sociable and he speaks Canotnese, my mother tongue! Best of all, I'm able to learn Mandarin from my fellow friends in UPM. FYI, most Chinese here speaks Mandarin, a language which I'm not familiar with. In order to join the crowd, I have to start learning Mandarin. This is like killing two birds with one stone, by learning Mandarin, I can blend with them as well ass the society and I could improve my Mandarin.

Anyway, as soon as I've free time, I "might" update this blog with something rather than leaving it idle for a month. I hope to see my non-UPM friends soon and also hope all of them who got to other University are having a great time. Till next time.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

UPM, Here I Come!

It's official.
I'm offered a place in Universiti Putra Malaysia(UPM).
The course that I'll be taking is Bachelor of Human Development and IT.
It was my third choice out of my eight choices. Too bad I can't get my first choice which is Bachelor of Economics in UPM but I'm still happy with what I've got now. Since it's UPM and it's near to my home, I have nothing much to complain. Some can't even get a place in local universities.

The registration is on the 30th of June, which is this coming Saturday. I'm pretty nervous now since I'll be living in a new environment on my own for a whole year and at the same time, I'm excited. I'll be meeting new friends, learning new things and to face something new. I just can't wait!

The preparation of getting into local universities is the most frustrating part.
I have to :
  • Go for a medical check up
  • Make a CIMB Bank account for PTPTN loan
  • Photocopy certificates and certify them at school
  • Get passport size picture of myself
  • Prepare items stated in UPM book
  • Prepare other stuff that are not stated
  • Inquire about the fee and payment method
  • Etc...
Gah. There's so much to do but so little time. I'm so busy with it I don't even have time to download manga and do stuff I usually do.

That's all for now. I don't know when will I be free to write again. Till next time.

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Love In May

Monday, June 18, 2007

Rest in Peace...

Recently, I have been thinking a lot. About myself, life and death.
Reason why?
My grandma just past away.
The fact is, I didn't felt much from her death.
Well, not until I see how people around me cry and when I start thinking about her.
My chest felt heavy. No tears. That's about it.
When I see her in the coffin, what came out on my mind was :
"We will all meet our end eventually."
Damn. Am I cold or what?
How can I be so emotionless?
I can't even remember the last time I cried. Aeons ago I suppose.
Come to think of it, I've done some pretty cruel thing that disregarded a certain person feelings.
Maybe it's in Scorpio. Being cruel.

Personally, I believe in this.
Don't be sad seeing a person past away and don't be happy if a child is born.
Being born, you'll have to experience pain and suffering in certain point in life.
Being death might be a good thing. To be released from pain and suffering as well as leaving all the burdens in life.

You might disagree with me but that's what I believe in. Maybe that's why I was able to overcome this without being emotional. Don't worry though, never in my life will I choose the easy way out, dead, however bad the situation might be.

Grandma, may you rest in peace.
Sadly, I couldn't really remember much memorable moments with her but I'm thankful that she was here with my family for 10 days a couple of week before this "incident" and she was pretty happy. It must be some fate to have her with us before

I'm feeling better now as life goes on...

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Eric Clapton

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Saturday, June 09, 2007


Hope is a double-edged sword.
It comes in two form, miracle or despair.
We often hope for a miracle to happen,
But somehow, despair almost always overshadow miracle.

Hoping for the impossible is foolish.
Nothing comes from hoping alone.
So, stop hoping for something out of question.
That will just break you in the end.

As the saying goes,
the bigger the hope, the bigger the disappointment.
I'm not telling you not to hope.
Just hope for something possible, within grasp that is.

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Shiriusu (シリウス)

Kim Jeong Hoon

5 Stella Lights

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I'm envious...
  • of people who are mathematical inclined, challenging complex mathematical problems without fear
  • of people who can think scientifically, telling tales of truth with science
  • of people who are proficient in language of their own, English especially - reading, speaking, and writing is like an art to them
  • of people who dares to think big and strive for it, a road of glory awaits them
  • of people with exceptional people skills together with a warm heart, being remembered in life and after
  • of people with interesting lifestyle, having everyday filled with entertainment and excitement
  • of people who could crack jokes spontaneously to entertain others, crafting smiles on family and friends

"a show on envy is an insult to oneself"

You can admire them and try to emulate them but remember, you can NEVER be them. Therefore, it's best to be yourself and stop being envious of others. Maybe a little, as a positive drive for yourself but nothing more.

Condemning oneself does no good.
Trying hard to achieve something does.
At least something.

One last thing, each of us are respectable in our own way, be it being generous, smart, cool, intelligent or so forth. You might not know it but it is deep down in you and that is true.

All this I shall remind myself...

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Heart, Mind and Soul

Dong Bang Shin Ki(TVXQ)

Rising Sun/Heart, Mind And Soul

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

QR Code

Welcome to Chi Chung's Little Haven.
May you enjoy your visit here.

QR Code is a matrix code or a two-dimensional bar code. It's very similar with our conventional bar code that can be seen all kinds of products. Although it's rather unheard off here in Malaysia but QR Codes is widely used in Japan. Almost everything in Japan is tagged with QR Codes. Most phones in Japan comes with a QR decoder. They can simply take out their camera phones to scan the QR Code and the information in the from the QR Code will be saved in the phone instantly.

QR Codes are usually being used to store information like phone numbers, URLs, text, addresses and so forth. By using QR Codes, text information can be saved easily without the hassle of copying it down, especially useful when you want to enter data fast into your mobile phones.

Here's a better explanation on how this thing works. First, get your camera phone out. Then, point the phone's camera towards the code and now wait for your QR reading software to decrypt the code. With that, the information is now stored in your phone.

Now, imagine how handy this thing can be. Say that there's a long summary for a story book which you're interested but you don't have time to read it. Book publisher can actually make a QR Code in the book cover for it or maybe the bookshop can have QR code available in plastic cover. Also, you can just snap a QR code that contains URL and then easily go to the link with your internet enabled phone. With that, you do not have trouble yourself to key in the address.

There's two known QR Code reader software available for free in the net:

Quickmark QR Code Reader
Works with many Pocket-PC phones, Windows Mobile Smartphones, Symbian Series 60 (S60, also 3rd Edition) and UIQ devices.

Kaywa Reader
Supports many popular Series 60 as well as Java-enabled phones from Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and SonyEricsson.

Both companies also offer online QR Codes generators that allow you to create your own QR Codes for free: Quickmark Generator, Kaywa Generator

Thanks to Robert Peloschek blogger for the the info.

The only reason why I'm blogging about this is because I wanted to express my feeling but I didn't know how. So I thought I could use this to say it out.

I hope you guys will have fun using it.

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Michael Buble


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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tracey Is Wrong

Personally, I'm not sexist and I do think that there should be equality between man and woman. It's just that this picture is so hilarious, I just can't help to post it. This is a lesson to all woman that always claim for equal right and yet they ask guys to do this and that. That's being gentleman they said.


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The Sentimental Chord

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Malacca Trip, 24-25th May 2007

I never really liked traveling but this trip was rather fun and entertaining. All the secrets exposed and stalking we did was pretty funny. Read on for further elaboration.

As stated, this trip was for 2 days 1 night. There's 6 of us including me, Venon, Bernard, Calvin, Joe Keen and Weng Fai. They were 2 cars drove by Joe Keen and Venon. We took off from my place at 3.45pm and headed to a Shell petrol station before Seremban Highway to meet up Venon. At that place, we bought some snacks before we head to Melaka. I was in Joe Keen's car with Weng Fai while Bernard and Calvin was in Venon's car. I didn't really counted how long did it take us to reach Malacca but it should be 2-3 hours. Anyway, they weren't much that happened along the journey. What is most noticeable is that the highway is under construction in certain parts. Therefore, anyone who's driving there, do be careful because there will be part of the highway that change from 3 lanes to 2 and 2 lanes to 1. Oh, we were traveling at 120km/h and it didn't even felt fast! Maybe because it's a highway and everyone was traveling at that speed.

We had an apartment reserved in Mahkota Hotel. It's located not far from the sea and very near the city center. Our apartment is on the first floor and there's only 1 Queen size bed. So, how can 6 guys fit into a single bed? No worries. We had our plan. It's not that we are gonna sleep anyway. The first thing we did when we arrive is to head to the pool. They were hoping to hit on some girls at the pool but no luck. It's weekday and it's not a holiday. Got to know this Malay dude who take cares of the pool and he started telling us which club is nice and also some place for "adults". Of course, we never really went any of those. Oh, here's the interesting part. Calvin didn't join us as he had to pass his Form 6 book to a certain "someone".

After an hour or so, our stomach couldn't take it and we started to hunt for food. This "someone" was with us and she bought us to eat one of the very well known food in Malacca, Satay Celup or Satay Steamboat in another word. We have this table with a pot of satay sauce in the middle of the table heated with fire. Then, we dip the food into to eat. Each sticks cost Rm0.50 and sticks with a red end cost Rm1.00. No use talking much. Here's a picture of it.

Satay Celup

Some choices of food available.

It got ugly towards the end.

Casanova Bernard, Weng Fai and Joe "Ham" Keen.

We ate a lot but this kind of food just couldn't satisfy our hunger. Soon after, we headed to Jonker Street hoping to try some other Malacca specialty but not luck. It was almost 11am when we're done eating and apparently, people at Malacca sleeps at 10pm. We were like "what the hell?" went heard that. People in KL CANNOT sleep at that time, at least for students.

We had no choice but to drive around to see what was available. At first, Weng Fai suggested to play snooker and go clubbing but it didn't work as most of us was in simple wear. You can't get into clubs without proper wear. I never knew that. I never been to a club, ok?
So, we ended up at a food court and had satay. Normal satay that is. Not bad but it's nothing special. You can get this kind of satay in KL. Before heading back, we went to 7-11 to get some junk food and ice for "interrogation" later that night.

This is the best part of the trip in my opinion. We had alcohol while playing cards and chat. The loser would have to drink a cup. I was lucky I never lost even once but I didn't get to win often anyway. The game stopped later on and that's when "interrogation" really starts. Calvin was the first victim here, followed by Joe Keen and so forth. Every couple of minutes, they would ave a cup of alcohol while I had my cup of soft drink. It was fun, extracting secrets and also some guy stuff among ourselves. We had some serious conversation among ourselves as well. This kind of chat makes our friendship bond stronger.

Venon was the first one who went down. He was sleeping on the floor, sleeping comfortably with the sofa cushion. Followed by Joe Keen, Weng Fai and Bernard on the bed. I was sleeping in the bed with them for about an hour before I wake up and couldn't sleep then after. When I went out, Calvin was sleeping awkwardly in the double seater sofa. There wasn't much for me to do that night. I sat on the sofa and resorted to listening to songs way until 8am before I finally felt asleep. Some of us, including me woke up at 10.30 am. At about 12 noon, we checked out and started to explore the city of Malacca.

First stop was Jonker Street. We miss our chance last night therefore we have to make it up today. We went to have chicken rice to taste the famous chicken rice ball at this shop, Restoran Famosa Chicken Rice Shop. I have to say, the food sucks. You might not know but I'm that type of person that doesn't have much taste on food. I'm pretty easy contended with any food and I care more about getting my stomach full rather than enjoying the taste of the food. So, when I said a certain food suck, it really has to be terrible. We ordered half a chicken, a plate of vegetable, roasted pig meat, "otak-otak" meat and the famous chicken rice ball. There wasn't much meat in the chicken, they were bone in the roasted pig meat which you don't usually have that, the vegetables was extremely sweet and the chicken rice ball wasn't special at all. It's just rice rolled into a ball. The only thing that tasted decent was the "otak-otak" meat. I really wouldn't recommend anyone to try the food there.

The journey begins.

Restoran Famosa Chicken Rice Ball, where crappy food is served.

We didn't know what kind of danger lurks ahead...

Behold, shitty food of the day.

Chicken rice ball.
Don't be fooled. That's just plain rice in ball shape. Idiots way to attract customers.

After having some crappy food, we moved on to Stadhuys building area. Building there are distinctively in red. Around that area, you'll see souvenirs shops as well as a water fountain. There's a miniature windmill there which is kindda unique. It was extremely hot that day. So, before we continue our journey around The Stadhuys, we decided to treat ourselves with a local cendol. It was freaking refreshing.

"Get Together" Venon, our lively buddy.

Scandalous Calvin and "Kaki Busuk" Weng Fai

Christ Church Melaka, The Stadhuys

"We found it! The lost Church of Melaka!"

Windmill, The Stadhuys

Water Fountain, The Stadhuys

How we wish we could jump into the fountain.

History, Ethnography and Literature Museum, The Stadhuys

We walked around the area, did some stalking and finally came to this place that has a few old cannons on display as well as some ancient vehicles. We took some incredibly funny picture with the cannon. Words just cannot describe.


Poor Bernard, we are posed nicely under the shade
while he has to suffer under the sun to take this picture.

You should be smart enough to know that it's a train.

Welcome aboard!

A friggin airplane.

At least this is interesting, a yellow Firetruck.
I've never seen one in my life until that day.

Another break.

Photos of us being an idiot with the cannon will be uploaded soon. Photos of us being an idiot is now available below. We stopped being an idiot when a bunch of tourist came along. We carried on walking to Fort A Famosa. Along the way, Bernard asked a female tourist,presumably from China to help us to take a picture. He did that just because she was hot. Ohhhh, she did this "1,2,3 *cheeky smile* Smelle!". Hahahaha, that was rather funny. She wanted to say smile I suppose but she didn't pronounced it right. i'm not being mean or anything thing, in fact, I'm grateful of her for helping us but it's just funny. We laughed our ass out.

Don't get the wrong idea. They just want to know how canon taste like.

Fire in the hole!

It's a well-known fact. Men of all centuries just love cannons.

"1,2,3 *cheeky smile* Smelle!"
Thank you lady, it worked way better than cheese or smile!

At the fort, we can see the remains of the fort as well as some old gravestones from the past. There was also this 2 dude who sang with their guitars inside one of those forts. I'm not particularly sure of what race are they but apparently they can sing in various different language including English, Malay, Cantonese, Tamil and so forth. They sang song by Beyond and it was actually pretty good! One of them had a very good voice and they seem to be pretty friendly. Listening to them without paying would not be nice, so we payed them RM10 for 3 songs. That isn't too stingy if us isn't it?

The remains of Fort A Famosa.

One of the many gravestones in Fort A Famosa.

I hope you won't get curse for taking picture with a gravestone.

I would really recommend to you people to listen to their singing.

Close up.
Dude on left has a very nice voice.

I actually think that they are pretty cool.
Amazing facial expression.

Last picture before we go.

Then we bought some souvenirs here and hanged out before we finally decided to go back to KL. It was about 4pm when we decided to leave A Famosa. We had to walk all the way back from A Famosa to The Stadhuys to Jonker Street before we reach where our cars we park. To our surprise, we got a fine for parking without a parking coupon. It's not that we didn't want to pay the parking coupon or what, it's just that we didn't know. Apparently, in Malacca, you have to get parking coupon from small pondok and the board showing you the rates is located at places you wouldn't have notice. Well, it's a good lesson for us and also people who read this. Be careful with parking when you're traveling. Make sure you don't get yourself with a fine. It can be troublesome if it wasn't handled immediately.

Anyway, we got it paid by asking some local folks in Malacca where to pay before heading back straight to Kuala Lumpur. A bit of chit-chat, a quick sleep, smooth journey through the highway, stuck in traffic in KL area and finally, I was dropped in front of my house. Later that night, I had a great sleep around 12am and sleep way up to 2pm the next day. I just love having a good sleep after such a trip. It's friggin refreshing. Till next time.

*More pics will be uploaded soon as well as some memorable events that I couldn't remember right now. Stay tune for more updates.*


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