Wednesday, February 28, 2007

"Everyone has a story to tell, if only they are given a chance"

That's a phrase I learnt from a Journalism Camp.
All of us has something that we would like to share but not everyone has someone to share with. Even a dull and reclusive guy like me has a tale to tell. I guess that's why we see a lot of people start blogging this day, as an alternative way to voice out their thoughts.

What kind of content are expected in this blog you ask?
I can't give you an answer yet.

Blogging about what I did today or yesterday or last two weeks would not be very interesting for I lead a very boring life.

Blogging about a specific subject(war, love, sports) would be very hard without an extensive knowledge or interest in it and as of now, I can't really think of anything to talk about.

Blogging about current issues would not be highlighted in my blog as there are other blogs out there that does so.

Blogging about philosophical stuff would be out of question.

Until I finally figured out what I want to blog about, I think I will just blog on a bit of everything.