Friday, March 30, 2007

Training Resumes

Now with everything is settled including STPM, post-STPM break, BRATs End Year Trip, Chinese New Year celebration, Yew Kuang's farewell, and University entrance application all done, I finally return to SJA to resume my Judo training. It has been almost half a year since I last been to training.

Last night, Yen Shan, my younger sister and I went to SJA dojo which is now located at Kajang. It took almost 25 minutes to reach there! The moment we arrive, we saw Uncle Wong, Auntie Susan and Johnathan downstairs. After a little bit of chit-chat, we went to jog. We jog for about 15 minutes around the neighborhood. The distance covered is approximately 2km. It might not seem much but if you were to run that long and far without constant exercise, it can be tiring.

Right after that, we went up(the dojo is on the second floor) and continue our judo training.
The drill was as usual, the simple drill. Which is :
  1. Taisho
  2. Rolling (front and back)
  3. Open leg rolling (front and back)
  4. Hand stand rolling (front and back)
  5. High jump (front and back)
  6. Far jump (front and back)
  7. Carry
  8. Tiger walk
  9. Mari mari Ukemi (left and right)
After that, the juniors does their ukemi (a drill to learn how to fall correctly) and we the seniors(there are only 3 of us there) had a special lesson by Uncle Wong. He taught us how to use our backside to stop out opponent from getting in and then use our hand to direct him follow up with a counter. Sounds easy doesn't it? Well, it isn't. From controlling your backside muscles to getting the proper grip to being soft and hard at the right moment to use certain part of your body to move your opponent. All of this need to be done the right way.

At the end of the class, we had a randori(free sparring) while the juniors had newaza(groundwork). I personally fought with a junior, Murali who's about 15-16 years old. He's new to judo(about 4 months) but he has this good built of body and also special attention from Johnathan as this Murali will be representing Selangor for the upcoming SUKMA. I'm at disadvantage as I haven't been for training for quite some time and also I'm comparatively lighter than Murali(70+ kg vs 56.6kg) but the fact remain that I'm more experienced plus I'm a senior. Luckily enough, during the match, he couldn't throw me and I did executed a successful counter. After a match with him, I'm dead tired. My thigh was weak, I was slightly dizzy, my eyes were tired and I was exhausted but I felt great. In the end, training was sweet. =]

Sooner or later, Murali is going to get better. Therefore, I'll have to keep up and go for training consistently now onwards. With so much free time, I really cannot give any excuses. I might have a chance to enter SUKMA if my performance is up to expectation and if I'm able to defeat fellow judokas which is at my weight.

So, training, here I come!


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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Satisfaction, happiness, confusion, sadnesses, craving, thinking optimistically...

All this emotion clashes in this month. The month of May 2007.
I have been thinking a lot and keeping everything inside sometime suffocates me.
I need someone or a place to voice out and my little haven is the best place I can think off.

STPM results came out on the 15th of March 2007.
It was the day of truth. For us STPM students of 2006, this is a matter of life or death.
Our result reflects on how much effort we have put into that 2 years. It's also our passport to public universities. And so on that day, when I unseal my results in a secluded area sheltered from the rest of my friends, I felt satisfy and also happy.

Pengajian Am [ A ] - 4.00
Economics [B+] - 3.33
Business Studies [B-] - 2.67
Mathematics S [ C ] - 2.00
CGPA : 3.00

That's what my result was like. Personally, I'm satisfy with it. I knew how much effort I pour into it and I knew how my studies are like. The only thing that's I'm disappointed with was my Economics results. I thought I could at least get a A- but it turned out to be a B+. I can't blame anyone but myself for getting such a result for Economics. After all, I did slack at the last minute and concentrated on studying for Business paper as I was really worried for that paper. Like every other humans, I'm just not satisfy with what I have. I craved for better results...
Oh well, what is done is done. I should be content and live with it.

Later day, nothing much happened. Bowling, lunch and movie.
The best par of that day was watching the movie 300.
The movie : Incredible effects. So nice, you'll be in awe when you sees it.Most memorable quotes:
"Spartans! Enjoy your breakfast, for tonight we dine in Hell!" - Spartan King Leonidas

When I says that a movie is nice, you just have to believe me. I don't like to watch movies and if I watch, I'm quite picky. So, when I said something is nice, bet your money in it. =]

A few days later. I have to worry about my UPU, university entrance thingy. With 3.00, I don't have the bargaining power. My aim was going into UPM to take up Economics but it's very hard to get into. Averagely, those who went in has a CGPA of 3.5. I have to think of somewhere further now, UNIMAS(Sarawak), UMS(Sabah) and UUM(Kedah). I don't really want to go so far to study but then, Mrs. Cheng told me that it's not a bad thing.
First off, I'll learn how to be independent.
Secondly, distance shouldn't be the main issue here. The course is the main issue here. This was what she said that until now, it keeps playing in my head:

You will only be there for like 3 years but your certificate will be with you forever.
- Mrs.Cheng Kok Chin
She is absolutely right. Especially the later part, the certificate will be with me forever.
So, I shouldn't judge where to go by distance but the course no onwards.
That's about it. After listening to all kinds of comments and advices. I'm still confuse.


That was about that day. Now let's talk about something more recent.
Today was the day that spoils it all. Somehow, I don't feel like mentioning what has happened but I was so sad, I resort to sleeping.
To me, whenever I'm sad, I'll go to sleep. When I sleep, I'll have a peace of mind. I can then cool down and hopefully feel better later on. It always works for me. So far, it only happens to me 3 times as far as I can remember.
I came to a conclusion....

Sleeping cures sadnesses

It works on me. I hope it does to everyone else. Go give it a try. Rather than being all gloomy and being sad. Go sleep and don't think much of it.

Later that day, when I was chatting, I came across 2 friend who was not in a good mood and they were thinking rather negatively. As a friend, I did my best to advice them and tried to influence them to think positively. As I give them advice while being gloomy, I started to feel better. All the advices and positive talks can actually be applied on myself.
I came out with another conclusion that day.

Giving advices and positive remarks makes you feel positive too

Indeed, I'm feeling much better now after having a talk with both of them.
I sincerely hope that my advices will in a way help them and as of now, I'll try my best to stay positive. No guarantees.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007


As I mention earlier, I wanted to own a personal site that I consider beautiful.
Therefore, I used the whole day to edit my blog and I love the results. =]

(Another reason why I took time to do this is because I need something to occupy myself so that I won't think about my results which is due to come out tomorrow.)

I call it Pyoro's Banner

See the picture?
I put a lot of effort on it, finding the perfect font, tried all kinds of filter so that Pyoro would look good, placing font at the best possible place and so forth.
It might not seem much but I'm still proud of it.
I particularly like Pyoro's picture on the left. Doesn't he look cute there?
On a side note, I use Adobe Photoshop CS posterize filter on Pyoro for that look.
I would like to give credit to timcanpi website for the basic idea of the banner and also my sister, Sara for her template.
It suits me perfectly. Simple and neat. That's how I like things to be.


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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I don't blog for you!

Hah, I bet that caught your attention.
To whomever reading this other than myself, get the idea straight.
I ain't blogging for you.
I ain't blogging to seek attention.
I ain't blogging to boast.
I ain't blogging because I'm desperate to let people knows what I'm thinking.

I blog
because ...

  • I want to improve my writing skills. I consider my English language proficiency is below average. Personally, I think that among my writing skills, reading skills and speaking skills, my writing skills is probably the weakest due the fact that I rarely write. Therefore, I need to do something to improve it. Blogging is the best alternative I can think of because I spent most of the time facing the monitor. At the same time, I'm trying my best to speak and read better by speaking in English more often and also by reading newspapers and articles on the net.
  • I want to own my personal site on the net. Being on the net most of the time, I really need a place that I belongs to. Whenever I come online, there will be a few sites that I will visit and one day, it came to me. I thought I should own a personal site for me to do whatever I like. Having a site by blogging would be the best way as it's free and all kinds of facility are provided for our convenience. Another important point is that I want to own a beautiful site for my own sake. Looking at something beautiful that you own makes you happy. Don't you agree with that?
  • I want to learn HTML. The best way to learn HTML for now would be to actually play around with it and learn as you go. There's no way I will play with HTML for no particular reason. Therefore, with the urge to make "my site" beautiful, I will endure the hardship of learning HTML. That's like killing two birds with one stone. I love it.
Get the idea?
Anyhow, whoever thinks that I'm being a hypocrite. Think however you like.
I own this site. I write what I want. I do whatever I want.
If you don't like it, leave.
If you're fine with it. Fine.

On a note, my STPM results is coming out tomorrow. May God bless all my friends and also myself.

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Friday, March 09, 2007

Some sports are better being watched than played

That's one of those sports.
Sports like basketball or football can be played for fun by amateurs but tennis is not such sports.
Playing tennis will only makes you tired, frustrated, and get a bad sunburn unless you have sun lotion applied before hand.
I adored Roger Federrer and I love how he plays. His backstroke, volley, lob, slice and etcetera.
All this move seems so cool when it's being executed by professional tennis player.

"It looks so easy on TV, I should be able to do that to," so I thought.

Well my friend, don't be fooled.

Tennis is NOT a fun game.

Most of the time, you will be either having hard times serving or picking up tennis balls scattered all over the the place.
You might be able to hit the ball a couple of times but I doubt you get a score for that.

Like most sports, if you want to perform a certain skills, you have to practice.
Without practice, you will fail most of the time, tennis especially.

After 3 tennis outing with few of my friends, I finally learn the hard truth.
Next time if someone ever ask me out to play tennis, I will definitely think twice.
I might as well watch at home or play it on my PS2.


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Thursday, March 08, 2007


Another chapter of D-Live done.
Episode 4 - Part 2.
It only took me 4 hours today.
For those who are curious, please head to #Genesis to get it.
For those who couldn't be bothered without knowing what it is about, here are the summaries.
"Ikaruga is a genius vehicle user, kinda like a MacGyver of vehicles. And he's extremely good with all vehicles, jet skis, trucks, hydrants you name it he knows how to work it. Being that, he gets recruited into an organisation which functions like a mercenary unit called ASE. They got the best of the best in from a specific profession. Ikaruga goes through different 'missions' and utilities vehicles. This series takes us through his adventures."
When written in words, it certainly does not sounds appealing enough. So here you go, a few pages of D-Live. As they said, "A picture says a thousand words".

Ikaruga executing barrel roll with a jet ski!
Apparently, that's his first time maneuvering a jet ski.

Ohhh, a firetruck!
Wait a minute. How the hell did he get it through the small tunnel entrance?

Even a jet plane!
Go get the manga to see a dog fight between
Ikaruga's unarmed training plane against 3 fully armed FA-18!

There you have it.
Personally, I think the strongest point of this manga is the art. The mangaka, Ryoji Minagawa put a lot of effort to draw even the finest details on every vehicle and buildings.
With that, the manga feels more realistic when you read it.

I hope they will make a live-action series for it.
I wonder how all those crazy stunts are perfomed in real life.
/me wonders


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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Manga Is My Life

Yesterday, I spent the WHOLE day editing manga.
I must be crazy.

2 chapters
Tekken Chinmi with 30+ pages and D-Live with 20 + pages.
That totals up to 50 pages.

Assume that by average, 1 page takes 6 minutes.

50 x 6 = 300 minutes = 5 hours!

That doesn't includes page that require a lot of redrawing...

Editing can be frustrating and tiring at times but in the end, when you're done with it and see the chapter being released, the satisfactions is there.

Especially when people appreciate your credits page. =]

Anyhow, I will keep up with editing until God knows when.

Oh, I'm starting to love D-Live.


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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I think I'm a Perfectionist...

People who knew me might say otherwise though.
Why did I claim to be one?
Just for the previous post, it took me almost an hour to get it done.
I spent a lot of time checking for grammatical errors, correcting cumbersome sentences and etcetera.
Even so, I'm sure there's still correction to be made as my English isn't perfect, I can't tell for sure if certain words/sentences are incorrect.

In another event, while I was editing a page, I have to check the releveled page a few times so that there isn't excessive black or white in the page.
Doing so lessens the time I have to edit manga.
Not to mention *leechers would never pay attention on such thing.
Heck, why should I care when I'm doing this for free?!
(*leechers : someone who takes a lot and doesn't give much. Can be found in large on IRC and P2P networks)

All of a sudden, it came to me. I ain't no perfectionist. I'm just obsess with minor and unimportant details.
All this little details held me back. Rather than getting tied down with those minor details, I should concentrate on the main issues instead.

Like when Im blogging, I should concentrate on the content rather than the language.
Of course, a great blog with interesting content will be better with beautiful language but it'll remain great however bad the language can be.
It's just like women. A good Samaritan woman will be adored if she's beautiful but she's still a great person even if she's ugly.
Get what I mean?

Hmm, I just can't give good examples. See how confusing the phrase above is?
Even so, I 'll keep on with. Eventually, I will get better. Practice makes perfect.

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