Tuesday, May 29, 2007

QR Code

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May you enjoy your visit here.

QR Code is a matrix code or a two-dimensional bar code. It's very similar with our conventional bar code that can be seen all kinds of products. Although it's rather unheard off here in Malaysia but QR Codes is widely used in Japan. Almost everything in Japan is tagged with QR Codes. Most phones in Japan comes with a QR decoder. They can simply take out their camera phones to scan the QR Code and the information in the from the QR Code will be saved in the phone instantly.

QR Codes are usually being used to store information like phone numbers, URLs, text, addresses and so forth. By using QR Codes, text information can be saved easily without the hassle of copying it down, especially useful when you want to enter data fast into your mobile phones.

Here's a better explanation on how this thing works. First, get your camera phone out. Then, point the phone's camera towards the code and now wait for your QR reading software to decrypt the code. With that, the information is now stored in your phone.

Now, imagine how handy this thing can be. Say that there's a long summary for a story book which you're interested but you don't have time to read it. Book publisher can actually make a QR Code in the book cover for it or maybe the bookshop can have QR code available in plastic cover. Also, you can just snap a QR code that contains URL and then easily go to the link with your internet enabled phone. With that, you do not have trouble yourself to key in the address.

There's two known QR Code reader software available for free in the net:

Quickmark QR Code Reader
Works with many Pocket-PC phones, Windows Mobile Smartphones, Symbian Series 60 (S60, also 3rd Edition) and UIQ devices.

Kaywa Reader
Supports many popular Series 60 as well as Java-enabled phones from Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and SonyEricsson.

Both companies also offer online QR Codes generators that allow you to create your own QR Codes for free: Quickmark Generator, Kaywa Generator

Thanks to Robert Peloschek blogger for the the info.

The only reason why I'm blogging about this is because I wanted to express my feeling but I didn't know how. So I thought I could use this to say it out.

I hope you guys will have fun using it.

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tracey Is Wrong

Personally, I'm not sexist and I do think that there should be equality between man and woman. It's just that this picture is so hilarious, I just can't help to post it. This is a lesson to all woman that always claim for equal right and yet they ask guys to do this and that. That's being gentleman they said.


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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Malacca Trip, 24-25th May 2007

I never really liked traveling but this trip was rather fun and entertaining. All the secrets exposed and stalking we did was pretty funny. Read on for further elaboration.

As stated, this trip was for 2 days 1 night. There's 6 of us including me, Venon, Bernard, Calvin, Joe Keen and Weng Fai. They were 2 cars drove by Joe Keen and Venon. We took off from my place at 3.45pm and headed to a Shell petrol station before Seremban Highway to meet up Venon. At that place, we bought some snacks before we head to Melaka. I was in Joe Keen's car with Weng Fai while Bernard and Calvin was in Venon's car. I didn't really counted how long did it take us to reach Malacca but it should be 2-3 hours. Anyway, they weren't much that happened along the journey. What is most noticeable is that the highway is under construction in certain parts. Therefore, anyone who's driving there, do be careful because there will be part of the highway that change from 3 lanes to 2 and 2 lanes to 1. Oh, we were traveling at 120km/h and it didn't even felt fast! Maybe because it's a highway and everyone was traveling at that speed.

We had an apartment reserved in Mahkota Hotel. It's located not far from the sea and very near the city center. Our apartment is on the first floor and there's only 1 Queen size bed. So, how can 6 guys fit into a single bed? No worries. We had our plan. It's not that we are gonna sleep anyway. The first thing we did when we arrive is to head to the pool. They were hoping to hit on some girls at the pool but no luck. It's weekday and it's not a holiday. Got to know this Malay dude who take cares of the pool and he started telling us which club is nice and also some place for "adults". Of course, we never really went any of those. Oh, here's the interesting part. Calvin didn't join us as he had to pass his Form 6 book to a certain "someone".

After an hour or so, our stomach couldn't take it and we started to hunt for food. This "someone" was with us and she bought us to eat one of the very well known food in Malacca, Satay Celup or Satay Steamboat in another word. We have this table with a pot of satay sauce in the middle of the table heated with fire. Then, we dip the food into to eat. Each sticks cost Rm0.50 and sticks with a red end cost Rm1.00. No use talking much. Here's a picture of it.

Satay Celup

Some choices of food available.

It got ugly towards the end.

Casanova Bernard, Weng Fai and Joe "Ham" Keen.

We ate a lot but this kind of food just couldn't satisfy our hunger. Soon after, we headed to Jonker Street hoping to try some other Malacca specialty but not luck. It was almost 11am when we're done eating and apparently, people at Malacca sleeps at 10pm. We were like "what the hell?" went heard that. People in KL CANNOT sleep at that time, at least for students.

We had no choice but to drive around to see what was available. At first, Weng Fai suggested to play snooker and go clubbing but it didn't work as most of us was in simple wear. You can't get into clubs without proper wear. I never knew that. I never been to a club, ok?
So, we ended up at a food court and had satay. Normal satay that is. Not bad but it's nothing special. You can get this kind of satay in KL. Before heading back, we went to 7-11 to get some junk food and ice for "interrogation" later that night.

This is the best part of the trip in my opinion. We had alcohol while playing cards and chat. The loser would have to drink a cup. I was lucky I never lost even once but I didn't get to win often anyway. The game stopped later on and that's when "interrogation" really starts. Calvin was the first victim here, followed by Joe Keen and so forth. Every couple of minutes, they would ave a cup of alcohol while I had my cup of soft drink. It was fun, extracting secrets and also some guy stuff among ourselves. We had some serious conversation among ourselves as well. This kind of chat makes our friendship bond stronger.

Venon was the first one who went down. He was sleeping on the floor, sleeping comfortably with the sofa cushion. Followed by Joe Keen, Weng Fai and Bernard on the bed. I was sleeping in the bed with them for about an hour before I wake up and couldn't sleep then after. When I went out, Calvin was sleeping awkwardly in the double seater sofa. There wasn't much for me to do that night. I sat on the sofa and resorted to listening to songs way until 8am before I finally felt asleep. Some of us, including me woke up at 10.30 am. At about 12 noon, we checked out and started to explore the city of Malacca.

First stop was Jonker Street. We miss our chance last night therefore we have to make it up today. We went to have chicken rice to taste the famous chicken rice ball at this shop, Restoran Famosa Chicken Rice Shop. I have to say, the food sucks. You might not know but I'm that type of person that doesn't have much taste on food. I'm pretty easy contended with any food and I care more about getting my stomach full rather than enjoying the taste of the food. So, when I said a certain food suck, it really has to be terrible. We ordered half a chicken, a plate of vegetable, roasted pig meat, "otak-otak" meat and the famous chicken rice ball. There wasn't much meat in the chicken, they were bone in the roasted pig meat which you don't usually have that, the vegetables was extremely sweet and the chicken rice ball wasn't special at all. It's just rice rolled into a ball. The only thing that tasted decent was the "otak-otak" meat. I really wouldn't recommend anyone to try the food there.

The journey begins.

Restoran Famosa Chicken Rice Ball, where crappy food is served.

We didn't know what kind of danger lurks ahead...

Behold, shitty food of the day.

Chicken rice ball.
Don't be fooled. That's just plain rice in ball shape. Idiots way to attract customers.

After having some crappy food, we moved on to Stadhuys building area. Building there are distinctively in red. Around that area, you'll see souvenirs shops as well as a water fountain. There's a miniature windmill there which is kindda unique. It was extremely hot that day. So, before we continue our journey around The Stadhuys, we decided to treat ourselves with a local cendol. It was freaking refreshing.

"Get Together" Venon, our lively buddy.

Scandalous Calvin and "Kaki Busuk" Weng Fai

Christ Church Melaka, The Stadhuys

"We found it! The lost Church of Melaka!"

Windmill, The Stadhuys

Water Fountain, The Stadhuys

How we wish we could jump into the fountain.

History, Ethnography and Literature Museum, The Stadhuys

We walked around the area, did some stalking and finally came to this place that has a few old cannons on display as well as some ancient vehicles. We took some incredibly funny picture with the cannon. Words just cannot describe.


Poor Bernard, we are posed nicely under the shade
while he has to suffer under the sun to take this picture.

You should be smart enough to know that it's a train.

Welcome aboard!

A friggin airplane.

At least this is interesting, a yellow Firetruck.
I've never seen one in my life until that day.

Another break.

Photos of us being an idiot with the cannon will be uploaded soon. Photos of us being an idiot is now available below. We stopped being an idiot when a bunch of tourist came along. We carried on walking to Fort A Famosa. Along the way, Bernard asked a female tourist,presumably from China to help us to take a picture. He did that just because she was hot. Ohhhh, she did this "1,2,3 *cheeky smile* Smelle!". Hahahaha, that was rather funny. She wanted to say smile I suppose but she didn't pronounced it right. i'm not being mean or anything thing, in fact, I'm grateful of her for helping us but it's just funny. We laughed our ass out.

Don't get the wrong idea. They just want to know how canon taste like.

Fire in the hole!

It's a well-known fact. Men of all centuries just love cannons.

"1,2,3 *cheeky smile* Smelle!"
Thank you lady, it worked way better than cheese or smile!

At the fort, we can see the remains of the fort as well as some old gravestones from the past. There was also this 2 dude who sang with their guitars inside one of those forts. I'm not particularly sure of what race are they but apparently they can sing in various different language including English, Malay, Cantonese, Tamil and so forth. They sang song by Beyond and it was actually pretty good! One of them had a very good voice and they seem to be pretty friendly. Listening to them without paying would not be nice, so we payed them RM10 for 3 songs. That isn't too stingy if us isn't it?

The remains of Fort A Famosa.

One of the many gravestones in Fort A Famosa.

I hope you won't get curse for taking picture with a gravestone.

I would really recommend to you people to listen to their singing.

Close up.
Dude on left has a very nice voice.

I actually think that they are pretty cool.
Amazing facial expression.

Last picture before we go.

Then we bought some souvenirs here and hanged out before we finally decided to go back to KL. It was about 4pm when we decided to leave A Famosa. We had to walk all the way back from A Famosa to The Stadhuys to Jonker Street before we reach where our cars we park. To our surprise, we got a fine for parking without a parking coupon. It's not that we didn't want to pay the parking coupon or what, it's just that we didn't know. Apparently, in Malacca, you have to get parking coupon from small pondok and the board showing you the rates is located at places you wouldn't have notice. Well, it's a good lesson for us and also people who read this. Be careful with parking when you're traveling. Make sure you don't get yourself with a fine. It can be troublesome if it wasn't handled immediately.

Anyway, we got it paid by asking some local folks in Malacca where to pay before heading back straight to Kuala Lumpur. A bit of chit-chat, a quick sleep, smooth journey through the highway, stuck in traffic in KL area and finally, I was dropped in front of my house. Later that night, I had a great sleep around 12am and sleep way up to 2pm the next day. I just love having a good sleep after such a trip. It's friggin refreshing. Till next time.

*More pics will be uploaded soon as well as some memorable events that I couldn't remember right now. Stay tune for more updates.*


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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Which Death Note Character Am I?

I'm sure most of you heard of Death Note. First seen in manga form. Then adapted to anime and later a movie.
I'm too lazy to write anything about it. Just do a google search on Death Note or wikipedia it.

Anyway, I found this quiz quite a long time ago and did it before but I can't remember my results. Today, a friend of mine would like to know my results.
So, this is it:

The result surprises me. Not because of the accuracy, but how inaccurate it could be. Then again, you can't dismiss the whole thing for being a crap. Maybe those traits are something deep in me which I don't know that it ever existed. Or maybe it was the answers that I picked. Maybe I picked answers according to what I would do or would wish to do but it's not what I'm doing.
Get it?

Whatever it is, it's just a simple minded quiz that are trying to evaluate you depending on a few questions. That alone can't tell what much of a person is. Well, hell with it. Just do it(no pun intended) and enjoy.

How I wish I could be like Kira. Haha, smart and popular with girls. Not to mention he's good in Tennis and also pretty good looking. Ah, fantasy.


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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Yu-Gi-Oh is Hacking Away My Life

I must be mad.
To play the Nintendo DS Lite from afternoon till late night till the next morning.
It isn't the handheld that had me addicted, it's the game.
Not just any game, but a particular game, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Spirit Caller.

This game is, I believe the exact replica of how Yu-Gi-Oh card game is played. I never tried the real card game before but now I'm getting first hand on it, virtually.

I have always loved card games on video games. Somehow.
I just love them. Back when I was playing my old and trusty Playstation, I just can't get enough of Digimon Card Battle and also the simple mini card battles in Final Fantasy VIII and IX. I could battle on and on and on and on with various opponents and won't get bored with it. The most interesting part when it comes to playing card games is the part where you hunt for cards, especially rare ones and also when you're trying to fix your own deck. You'll have to battle with various opponent patiently while taking your life-long journey searching for cards. It could be boring at times but once you get a hold on an awesome card or when you just get a cool deck done, you'll be craving for more battles. I kid you not.

I was playing Yu-Gi-Oh till 3a.m in the morning and I was about to sleep. Then, I come with an idea to construct a deck using Exodia, the Forbidden One. For those who don't know what I'm saying, Expodia is basically a creature card consist of 5 parts, left arm, left leg, right arm, right leg and also the body+head. If you have the whole set in hand, you'll win the match. Sounds easy but it isn't.

There's always this risk when it comes to card game. You will have to face the risk of getting your card discarded while it's on your hand. There's also a risk of having cards that sends your deck to graveyards. Without a complete set, it's just as good as a normal creature card. A weak one that is. Did I mention that you could only have one of each card in your deck? It's logical when you think of it since it's such a powerful card. Here's the picture of Exodia, the Forbidden One for those who can't imagine.

"Exodia the Forbidden One"

So, I have to come up with a deck that would promise me victory without only relying on Exodia.
This is my deck recipe.

Exodia Beta Deck

Monsters (24)
Exodia the Forbidden One x1
Left Arm of the Forbidden One x1
Left Leg of the Forbidden One x1
Right Arm of the Forbidden One x1
Right Leg of the Forbidden One x1
Cyber-Tech Alligator x1
Giant Soldier of Stone x3
Adhesive Explosion x1
Blast Sphere x2
D.D Warrior x2
King Tiger Of Wanghu x1
Man-Eater Bug x1
Muka Muka x2
Princess of Tsurugi x2
Satellite Cannon x1
Skull-Mark Ladybug x2
Sangan x1

Spells (17)
Different Dimension Capsule x3
Graceful Charity x1
Gravekeeper's Servant x2
Messenger of Peace x2
Nightmare's Steelcage x3
Toll x3
Swords of Revealing Lights x1
Upstart Goblin x2

Traps (4)
Solemn Wishes x2
Mirror Force x1
Magic Cylinder x1

Total Cards (45)

The basic idea of this recipe is to stall the game and get Exodia out. It's hard to win in early game but possible if you're were able to get the whole set of Exodia early game. Heck, you can ever with in the first round if you are lucky enough to get all 5 of Exodia's part at the start of the game but that's VERY VERY unlikely.

This recipe is meant for opponents that plays monster deck or spell deck but NOT for anti-spell and anti-trap deck. We'll be relying HEAVILY on trap and spell cards. One great thing about this deck is that you can win in various way. The choices are :
  • Get the 5 parts of Exodia. To get that, it's either by drawing or by searching the card itself. Use Upstart Goblin and Graceful Charity to draw cards. To search for the card from deck and put it in hand, use Sangan's effect and also Different Dimension Capsule. With that, it's only time before you get a hand on Exodia. Bear in mind though, if any of your Exodia's part is sent to graveyard, immediately abandon this idea of winning with Exodia.
  • Deals damage to opponent by attacking with monsters. One of the way but very unlikely. You'll be using monsters like Cyber-Tech Alligator and Satellite Canon as your key power monster. Muka Muka is good to if you have cards in hand. Its ATK and DEF power increase by 300 for every card in your hand.
  • Let opponent damages himself by attacking you. With the trap card "Toll", your opponent will be taking 500 damage to himself every time he attacks. At the same time, you would have to defend yourself from taking direct damage by using monsters or spell/trap cards. Monsters like D.D Warrior, Adhesive Explosion and Man-Eater Bug is good to destroy opponents attacking monster. Blast Sphere which can reflect damage by equipping itself to opponent's monster and self-destruct to deal damage to your opponent equivalent to its ATK power. Magic Cylinder has a similiar effect.
  • Grind your opponents deck. It's kindda hard to do so but I've win couple of times with this way. Gravekeeper's Servant is the main card here. Whenever opponent's monster attack you, he'll have to send the top card of his deck to his graveyard.
That's how you're gonna win the game. There's much more strategy involve actually like when you're against opponent with a lot of spell and trap cards on field, you could use Princess of Tsurugi's effect, which is "Flip: Deals 500 damage for each spell and trap cards on oppopne'ts side of field". Other than that, if you wish to defend yourself from opponent's monster, you can use Nightmare's Steelcage or Sword of Revealing Lights to stop opponent from attacking for few turns. Mirror Force is a good trap card to destroy all opponent's creature that was flipped up to ATK position. Solemn Wishes grants you 500 Life Points whenever you draw a card. By having the spell card Messenger Of Peace in field, monsters with 1500 ATK above would not be able to attack at the cost of 100 Life Point during each of your Standby Phase. You can combo this card with Solemn Wishes so that you won't lose Life Point.

On a side note, spell cards like Gravekeeper's Servant, Toll and Solemn Wishes is double as effective if you have more than 1 in field and triple if you have 3. For example, if you have 2 Solemn Wishes on field, you'll gain 500 Life Point for each card. Meaning, you'll gain1000 Life Points.

That's pretty much all of it. I'll be constantly updating this deck and hopefully I would be able to bring this recipe to the next level.


As of the time I'm done with this blog, I'm having a break with Yu-Gi-Oh...
for Theme Hospital -_-'
This is crazy. I have been playing 8-9 hours of Yu-Gi-Oh this few days and just when I thought I could finally get away from that game, comes Theme Hospital. GREAT.
Again, 10 hours a day. The only difference is this time, it's on computer instead of Nintendo DS Lite.


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