Tuesday, June 26, 2007

UPM, Here I Come!

It's official.
I'm offered a place in Universiti Putra Malaysia(UPM).
The course that I'll be taking is Bachelor of Human Development and IT.
It was my third choice out of my eight choices. Too bad I can't get my first choice which is Bachelor of Economics in UPM but I'm still happy with what I've got now. Since it's UPM and it's near to my home, I have nothing much to complain. Some can't even get a place in local universities.

The registration is on the 30th of June, which is this coming Saturday. I'm pretty nervous now since I'll be living in a new environment on my own for a whole year and at the same time, I'm excited. I'll be meeting new friends, learning new things and to face something new. I just can't wait!

The preparation of getting into local universities is the most frustrating part.
I have to :
  • Go for a medical check up
  • Make a CIMB Bank account for PTPTN loan
  • Photocopy certificates and certify them at school
  • Get passport size picture of myself
  • Prepare items stated in UPM book
  • Prepare other stuff that are not stated
  • Inquire about the fee and payment method
  • Etc...
Gah. There's so much to do but so little time. I'm so busy with it I don't even have time to download manga and do stuff I usually do.

That's all for now. I don't know when will I be free to write again. Till next time.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Rest in Peace...

Recently, I have been thinking a lot. About myself, life and death.
Reason why?
My grandma just past away.
The fact is, I didn't felt much from her death.
Well, not until I see how people around me cry and when I start thinking about her.
My chest felt heavy. No tears. That's about it.
When I see her in the coffin, what came out on my mind was :
"We will all meet our end eventually."
Damn. Am I cold or what?
How can I be so emotionless?
I can't even remember the last time I cried. Aeons ago I suppose.
Come to think of it, I've done some pretty cruel thing that disregarded a certain person feelings.
Maybe it's in Scorpio. Being cruel.

Personally, I believe in this.
Don't be sad seeing a person past away and don't be happy if a child is born.
Being born, you'll have to experience pain and suffering in certain point in life.
Being death might be a good thing. To be released from pain and suffering as well as leaving all the burdens in life.

You might disagree with me but that's what I believe in. Maybe that's why I was able to overcome this without being emotional. Don't worry though, never in my life will I choose the easy way out, dead, however bad the situation might be.

Grandma, may you rest in peace.
Sadly, I couldn't really remember much memorable moments with her but I'm thankful that she was here with my family for 10 days a couple of week before this "incident" and she was pretty happy. It must be some fate to have her with us before

I'm feeling better now as life goes on...

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Saturday, June 09, 2007


Hope is a double-edged sword.
It comes in two form, miracle or despair.
We often hope for a miracle to happen,
But somehow, despair almost always overshadow miracle.

Hoping for the impossible is foolish.
Nothing comes from hoping alone.
So, stop hoping for something out of question.
That will just break you in the end.

As the saying goes,
the bigger the hope, the bigger the disappointment.
I'm not telling you not to hope.
Just hope for something possible, within grasp that is.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I'm envious...
  • of people who are mathematical inclined, challenging complex mathematical problems without fear
  • of people who can think scientifically, telling tales of truth with science
  • of people who are proficient in language of their own, English especially - reading, speaking, and writing is like an art to them
  • of people who dares to think big and strive for it, a road of glory awaits them
  • of people with exceptional people skills together with a warm heart, being remembered in life and after
  • of people with interesting lifestyle, having everyday filled with entertainment and excitement
  • of people who could crack jokes spontaneously to entertain others, crafting smiles on family and friends

"a show on envy is an insult to oneself"

You can admire them and try to emulate them but remember, you can NEVER be them. Therefore, it's best to be yourself and stop being envious of others. Maybe a little, as a positive drive for yourself but nothing more.

Condemning oneself does no good.
Trying hard to achieve something does.
At least something.

One last thing, each of us are respectable in our own way, be it being generous, smart, cool, intelligent or so forth. You might not know it but it is deep down in you and that is true.

All this I shall remind myself...

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