Wednesday, July 18, 2007

UPM - 3rd Week

Just a quick update.
This is the 3rd week I'm here and my days are really pack with activities and classes, especially the first and 2nd week. I was so busy, I don't even have time to online!
Not only that, recently, I only manage to get to sleep for 3-5 hours daily. It's killing me but I have to cope with it. Apparently, that's the "average sleeping hour" of a university student.
And yeah, I miss my mum's cooking. =(

Don't be mistaken though. I'm pretty happy being here. As hectic as it could be, I'm learning how to get things done fast. I'm pretty happy being able to meet new friends as well as seniors. My roomate, Kevin, a 3rd year student of Industrial Chemistry is nice, sociable and he speaks Canotnese, my mother tongue! Best of all, I'm able to learn Mandarin from my fellow friends in UPM. FYI, most Chinese here speaks Mandarin, a language which I'm not familiar with. In order to join the crowd, I have to start learning Mandarin. This is like killing two birds with one stone, by learning Mandarin, I can blend with them as well ass the society and I could improve my Mandarin.

Anyway, as soon as I've free time, I "might" update this blog with something rather than leaving it idle for a month. I hope to see my non-UPM friends soon and also hope all of them who got to other University are having a great time. Till next time.