Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Human Development and IT Course Night 2007 - Part 2

A picture says a thousands words. 'Nuff said.
As requested by Kelly, here's the 2nd part of the course night.

From L-R : Eik Hooi, Tuck Hing, Chen San, Lieng San, Jack, Jia Choon,
Chin Siang, Ying Wai, Joshua, Chi Chung + Pyoro, Brandon

Yvonne and the rest of us.

A mix of PMTM seniors and juniors.

L-R : Ying Tit, Jing Jing and Lai Guan.
Middle : "The boy with a small little scar on his forehead"

L-R : Siang Ying, Kah Shing, Yoon Kuan, Ying Tit, Me Myself and I , Ying Wai.

Family picture of PMTM juniors, almost...

Front view.

Parody shot 1.

Jack + Us.

Family photo before leaving.

Last few shots before leaving.

Mah roomate and I in our room.
Getting along really well and having great time with em.

That's about it.
Of coz, there's a lot more pictures but it's crazy to upload them all.
This conclude Part 2, the finale of the course night post.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Human Development and IT Course Night 2007 - Part 1

Personally, I would say that this is the best "dinner night" I have attended. There was so much tension and stress built up before the night as I have to figure out a duo performance with my partner, Ying Tit and get the whole group of juniors to perform a 20-30 minutes long performance.

But, we had a lot of fun in the end. Best of all, the photographing session, which was being done THROUGH OUT THE NIGHT. You see, my course seniors just LOVE TO TAKE PHOTOS. That's just them. It's in their nature. To SS all the time.
(So I hope they don't read this =P)
It was enjoyable though. I see myself as a person that dislike taking photos but on that particular night, I took a lot of photos with my fellow course mates and course seniors.

There is just too much to say about that night. I'm too lazy to write now and I need a rest. Therefore, indulge yourself with the following photos. Most pictures are slightly blur because it is taken from a camera phone. Due to that, only appropriate pictures will be uploaded as of now. Better pictures will be uploaded in part 2.


My Personal Senior, Joshua

Ying Tit, my duo performance partner cum Junior Prom Queen of HD&IT Course Night 2007.
Oh, my doll was there for a performance on that night.

Jing Jing, fellow Cherasian. My Mandarin teacher cum translator.
Thanks for the help so far. =]

Ying Wai, myself and 3 new course mates that have just came in.
Siang Ying, Yoon Kuan and Kah Hsing (names not in order).

HD&IT Course Juniors of 2007.
With a few of them missing

Lil Neecole and I.

HD&IT Course Seniors and I.
I'm too tired to do anymore editing. So, we'll just leave it as if it is.

Sadly, almost all group pic taken with the camera phone are of bad quality.
So, stay tune for more pictures from digital cameras.

So, that's it for now.
Save the best for the last.
Do come again for more pictures.


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Wish (Fight to the End)

DANA, Ji Yeon, Sunday, Stephan

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Friday, August 03, 2007

UPM - 5th Week

Once again, I'm back here for another quick update.
I'm just done with my group discussion for my Business English assignment and now I'm waiting for a senior to discuss about our course night,

You heard me right, course night. It'll be held later tonight and we'll be leaving much earlier. Due to some reason, I can't tell you guys much about it but what I can tell is it is held at a hotel and everyone will be in formal wear. I have to say, I'm somewhat excited. Just somewhat.

Anyway, I'm pretty much accustomed with life here but I'm still pretty busy and somewhat stressed up. The month long orientation is still on going, the most stressful activity among all. My first test will be held next weekend and there's another one the week after. There are assignments that I have to work on, some discussed while some are left untouched. I have books that I need to read and also information I need to find for my class.

There's so much to do but so little time!
I'm not complaining though, I'm just stating it here. I'm adapting with such a life and I know I must be able to do so. So, no worries.

My sisters and I have bought the book and they get to read first since I'm busy. =[


They're here. Till next time.

So much to say so little time. Oh well.