Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Owe My Blog an Apology

I don't know what to say.
SO MUCH has happened after the course night.
I had exams, I had performance to show, I had events to handle, I had celebration with friends, I had holidays and there's a lot more that has happened in this 3 months period.

There has been ups and downs in this period of time but nevertheless, university life has been amazing! It's so fantastic, it makes me feel that what I have experience before entering university seems pretty dull and boring.

My Little Haven deserve more happy content in it.
I'll be sure to update it with what I have done and had happened in UPM from the time after my course night since exam is going to be over soon and holiday is after that.Till then, enjoy some random pictures!

Lai Guan Birthday at Chop & Steak.
Ignore the fellow on the top. He's a bit cuckoo.
He's my roommate if you want o know for sure.

Training for Traditinal Chinese Dance performance
under San Hua for Sanggar Warisan 2007 held by KTDI, UPM.

Celebration for the success of Malam Tanglung 2007 of KTDI, UPM
at Chop & Steak.

My little family in KTDI.
L-R: Wei Shan, Chi Chung, Pei Wern, Jia Choon Sitting: Shi Ting, Juan Yih

There you have it. The picture is the evidence that I'm having a great time in here. As you can see, I'm smiling whole heartily in each picture. What else more is there to say?