Sunday, March 09, 2008

Malaysia's Voting Catastrophe

Things will be no longer the same.
Barisan Nasional (BN), no longer has the 2/3 majority they use to have all this while of their ruling. As of the 12th General Election in Malaysia, BN were only able to get a simple majority in the parliament. This means they no longer monopolize the BN government, dominated by p0liticans from Muslim majority of ethnic Malays.

This year, Barisan Nasional face a shock defeat.

-MIC’s 71-year-old president S Samy Vellu lost to Dr D Jeyakumar of PKR by 16,874 votes to Samy Vellu's 14,408.

-In Selangor, DAP has taken 35 seats (DAP - 15, PKR - 11 and PAS - 9) out of the 56 seats in the state. PKR has earlier announced that its secretary-general Khalid Ibrahim will be named menteri besar. It is expected that DAP leader Teng Chang Khim could be picked as deputy menteri besar.

-In Perak, the combined opposition of DAP, PKR and PAS said that they will form the new government in Perak. Collectively the three parties have won 30 seats (DAP - 18, PKR - 6, PAS - 6) out of 59 seats. One seat (Teja) is yet to be decided.

-Penang was won by the opposition, the combination of DAP-PKR-PAS has collectively won at least 24 seats out of the 40 seats. This enables them to form the state government in Penang for the second time.

-In Kedah, both the PAS and PKR have won 22 out of 36 seats. This means that the combined opposition will form the next state government there.

-Kelantan, PAS has unofficially won 31 of the 45 state seats.

-Bukit Bintang was won by Fong Kui Lun of DAP by 3,000 votes over Lee Chong Meng.

-DAP has won parliamentary seats at

1. Bagan
2. Tanjong
3. Bukit Glugor
4. Ipoh Timur
5. Batu Gajah
6. Petaling Jaya Utara
7. Seputeh
8. Kepong
9. Bukit Bintang
10. Cheras
11. Bandar Kuching
12. Sandakan
13. Segambut
14. Kota Melaka

Party positions
Total seats in parliament:
Seats declared ( till 2145 GMt):
Barisan Nasional (BN):
Parti Islam se-Malaysia (PAS):
Democratic Action Party (DAP):
People''s Justice Party (PKR):

With that, the opposition has now taken control of 5 states, namely Selangor, Penang, Perak, Kelantan and Kedah.
Things will sure to be different. It won't be the same ever. I hope this will bring us more good that harm.

Being a normal citizen, I just hope for a peaceful and simple life.


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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Mah English? Whatever Happened To IT?!

Yes, the boy who was assaying to improve his English now face a problem. His English language proficiency is deteriorating. There's a reason for it though. You see, as he enrolled into UPM, he started to pick up Mandarin language. He has to do it or else he will be discriminated. Majority of the Chinese in UPM speaks Mandarin instead of Cantonese, the common language among Chinese in KL. They come from all over Malaysia and apparently, Mandarin is the common language among Chinese around Malaysia. Only a few places like Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh uses Cantonese as their main language among Chinese.

In order to blend with the society here, he has force himself to learn Mandarin. It was a funny experience I would say. He really started from zero/nil/empty/void. He force himself to speak the little Mandarin that was in him, started to listen really hard to understand what his friends is saying in Mandarin and try to speak a new words whenever possible from what he has heard. At times, he felt it was hard and tiring. But thankfully, his friend in his kolej encouraged him and most of them were able to speak Cantonese. Slowly, he understand that learning a new language it actually something that he could enjoy.

He wasn't afraid of making mistakes as he knew that you can learn from mistakes and it's important to have a thick skin to learn a language. He get laughed a lot but it doesn't matter to him. To him, he honestly thought that it was a good thing being laugh for making mistakes as it will make everyone laugh and make them happy for being silly. Over a period of time, the boy who was assaying to improve his English, can now speaks and understand Mandarin. Now, it's about 8 months now. He can converse and get information transferred in Mandarin but there's still a lot more to work on.

And so, that's the story of the journey of the boy who was assaying to improve his English goes. He went off course, diverted from his main journey and landed on a sub-quest. A sub-quest which will never end in my opinion. It's all good. It's no longer a quest with a sub-quest. It's time to combine this both quest into one main quest.

It's no longer the boy who was assaying to improve his English but instead, the boy who was assaying to improve his English and Mandarin.


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