Sunday, May 11, 2008

Glasses Makes You Look Better

It has been some time now that I feel that having glasses is cool.
I'm sure those who wear glasses are sure to argue with me that having glasses isn't as cool as it seems and is damn inconvenient.

You have to bring it along all the time. You have to pay for the damn thing. You have to take good care of it. It doesn't come cheap.

Well, my friend, now let me tell you a good news.
Glasses does make you look better.
Here's how.


Priceless huh?
See glasses are cool.
Imma go get one. Maybe.


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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Al Bhed Translator!

It has been 3 week since my holiday and I've been spending my days doing sports, playing games and surfing the net. As I was surfing, I came across this program, Al Bhed to English Translator.

For those who has no idea what Al Bhed is, do kindly read a quick fact below.

The Al Bhed are a faction of technologists in the role-playing games Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. They are notable for their use of machina (prohibited by the games' dominant Yevon religion) and the Al Bhed language that they speak, and can be recognized by the green spiral pattern visible on the irises of their eyes.

Source: Final Fantasy Wiki

The Al Bhed language is a fictional language that, apart from the main protagonist who may learn it, is spoken only by the Al Bhed people themselves. Although it seems at first like a foreign language, it is actually a cipher, a system of transposing certain letters for others. It shares the same syntax and grammar of English.

Here is how to convert English to Al Bhed:


For example, "you" in English is rendered as "oui" in Al Bhed:

  • Y → O
  • O → U
  • U → I
Certain keywords are not translated into Al Bhed in the game. Most keywords are proper nouns, but some common nouns also are not translated, such as "fiend" ("Y fiend! Eh risyh teckieca!" / A fiend! In human disguise!), "magic" ("Ouin bnaleuic magic yht Aeons yna caymat" / Your precious magic and Aeons are sealed), and "airship".

Now that I've explain what Al Bhe is all about, it's time to have some fun!I'll continue writing in Al Bhed language. To those who are interested to read on, you *can* translate it manually via the reference up there OR download Al Bhed <-> English translator from here!


Ryjehk hudrehk paddan du tu, E taletat du pmuk icehk Ym Prat du Ahkmecr dnyhcmydun bnuknys du fneda y pmuk. Du druca fru luimth'd lyna macc, drao'mm pa clnydlrehk draen rayt dnoehk du vekina uid fdv ec drec. Yc vun druca fru duug dra avvund du tufhmuyt dra bnuknys yht luhjandat Ym Prat myhkiyka du Ahkmecr, luhknydimydeuhc. Oui zicd kad maynh y haf fyo du caht ahlnobdat saccyka. =)

Ed sekrd caas icamacc yht cemmo pid ed luimt lusa ryhto yd desac. Esykeha, fnedehk muja maddan du ouin lnicr yht ryja res/ran dnyhcmyda ed syhiymmo un ev oui'na geht-rayndat ahuikr, bnujeta res/ran dra cysa cuvdfyna. Drec femm syga drehkc cbaleym padfaah oui dfu, Dryd ec uv luinca ev ra un cra pudranat du tu cu un ryt cysa vaamehk dufyntc oui. Un syopa oui yld mega oui'na cusa vunaekhan yht cdynd cbaygehk cilr (un doba eh drec lyca) myhkiyka fedr yhudran vneaht eh vunis un ENL. E's eh yhofyo, hud nacbuhcepma ev oui fana du kad gelg vnus dra lryhham po cbaygehk cusa ymeah myhkiyka. Drana'c duhc uv fyo du ryja vih fedr drec drehk. Aqbmuna ed ouincamv!

Drec ec y sicd ryja duum vun Vehym Vyhdyco vyhc. Ed'c uhmo 64GP. Cu csymm, oui kuhhhy lno hud ryjehk ed. Mycd funt rana. Ryja vih yht ahzuo bmyoehk ynuiht fedr ed. Vun vammuf pmukkanc, syopa fa luimt cdynd y lussihedo icehk syehmo Ym Prat. Esykeha. =)


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