Friday, June 05, 2009

Craving leads to Suffering

You know, sometimes when you see something, you will feel like getting it and owning it. Even if you don't need it, you still crave for it.
I hate that feeling.

I was surfing lowyat forum and then I come across this.

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Fossil Men’s Stainless Steel Orange Accented Chronograph (CH2544)

There is this guy in lowyat forum is selling this at RM290. Original price is around RM459.
What a bargain!
Then again, I reminded myself to not to crave for it. I already have watch to use. Therefore, getting another one is a waste of resource (money).
Secondly, I guess I should save my money for something more essential, a laptop.

My lappy is dying and it can't be fix. The keyboard becomes unresponsive and I would have to shutdown the computer manually by removing the power source. It couldn't even shutdown properly this days. It is freaking slow to the extend that I couldn't do much work with it, i.e graphic design with photoshop. Argh.

All I need now is a decent laptop. I don't think I want to ask for it but trying to get one by myself with no time to work part time making it an impossible effort in a short period. As of now, I just hope that my laptop could last for another 4 semesters.

Buddy, please don't die on me!


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KyLe said...

i aso like this watch...